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Release flow 1,500 puffs!

Zomo Vape came with another hot news for everyone! The new FLOW disposable POD device comes with 1,500 puffs and sooo much more flavor for your experience. This new device comes with 5% nicotine in 19 amazing flavors for you to take with you.

So don’t waste time, talk to the nearest vape shop and get it now.

If you don’t know where to buy it, you can send a message on the Insta Zomo Vape page, and the team will help you find someone close to you.

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Stop everything Zomo Vape has arrived with another top news!

We’re talking about our new Zomo PLAY rechargeable device. The particularity of this new product is that it has a 1.2ml capacity capsule that can be refilled with your favorite Zomo Nicsalt liquid! In addition, it comes with a 350mAh battery that fully charges in 40 minutes. Very light and stylish, it is available in […]

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Launch Pod Hungria 5000

The partnership between Zomo and Hungria is not something new, but what you did not expect is that this successful feat will surprise you with a line of pods, you read that right. Zomo launches the POD HUNGRIA special edition line with 10 incredible flavors. Best of all, it comes with 5000 PUFFS so you […]

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