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You miss that new juice, don’t you, sweetie? Let’s face it, tough quarantine, it’s difficult to practice social distancing and stay away from friends, family and, on top of it all, away from our favorite tobacconist. But this text is not about yearning, it is about how we can do our best to stick to the things we enjoy, without leaving home.  

For those who haven’t heard about it, many entrepreneurs have started a delivery service to keep their business, whether a market, a snack bar, or even a tobacconist, running. 

I know many people have been asking me about our new juices. They say Zomo’s launch products can’t be found in their hometowns or that they can’t go out and get their favorite juices because they are not allowed to leave their homes. Well, delivery service is a great way to have access to the new juices that will make your life sweeter and spicier. 

So, fellas, find out if your favorite tobacconist is already offering a delivery service and place your order from home. Avoid leaving home at all costs. Even going to the nearest market might be too risky. So, during quarantine stay safe, stay at home. And that’s not all folks, I still have some super tips on the best way to get this done. 

When you place your order, if possible, pay by card! By doing so, you avoid handing and being handed cash and spreading the virus, an essential thing. Anyone who can pay on the app, do it. That’s by far your safest option as you’ll have no contact with other people. It’s okay if you don’t have that option, but if you do, don’t think twice.  

Before you walk outside your house to pick up your juice, wash your hands thoroughly with soap; you can also clean your hands by rubbing them with alcohol. Wear a face mask to protect yourself and the others. After you have received your awesome Zomo juice, go back inside and repeat the same procedure: wash your hands thoroughly with soap and rub them with alcohol. To play safe, clean the juice container with alcohol as well. 

These simple measures will help preventing the spread of the disease. Besides, don’t forget to take plenty of water and, stay healthy. As soon as everything goes back to normal, we will be able to get together and go clubbing. 

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