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You miss vaping at Zomo’s events, don’t you, sweetie? I know, we’re in a tough spot with social isolation. So today I have a valuable tip that you can follow while watching tv series at home. It’ll also keep you busy, to avoid any weird changes you might feel like doing to your hair (Hehehe). 

Today we’re gonna teach you how to clean your vape and get it ready to use. It’s always a good idea to keep it clean and shiny so you are not afraid to use it when the pandemic is over. So, tune into the steps below: 


Disassemble components such as atomizer, glass, coil, batteries and other parts of your device carefully. (Remember the number of pieces is different in different kinds of devices.)


After that, clean up each piece with a soft cloth or towel. Try always to do that on top of a vape mat (that kind of build mat) and hold the pieces firmly as many components are very fragile and will surely get damaged if you drop them. Some components such as glass tanks and drip tips can be washed with soap and water.


After cleaning, reassemble your device, refill it and #vaporazomo!

See how easy it is! Now you have no excuse to postpone cleaning your device. Would you like more tips for taking care of it? Write to us inbox and we’ll post them here. 

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